Saturday, February 14, 2009

Direct from the Runway: ADAM Fall 2009

What better way to dive into Fall 2009 Fashion Week than with M.A.C and Bumble and bumble at the ADAM show on February 14? The colorful collection lent tons of inspiration to gorgeous hair and makeup, provided by Laurent Philippon of Bumble and bumble and the amazing Romy Soleimani. Get all the details after the jump!

First up, Romy Soleimani explained that the inspiration for the look came from Japanese watercolors. "Very kind of fantasy," she told me. "It’s a lot of color for fall; the clothes are very colorful as well so they kind of all play together."

Soleimani used Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow on the lids, Cornflower Blue Pigment sheered on for depth, Teal Pigment on the lower lids and then Tealo Pencil on the lower lashlines, all by M.A.C. "There’s a lot of fuchsias and pinks and layers of coloring and lots of stockings," she said. "Fuchsia with hot pink and teal and all these colors. They kind of all go together, like very watercolory. It’s really got all those colors blending into each other and creating an overall feeling. It’s not so real."

Some special techniques were used to get that gorgeous layered look. "We’re using all our fine micas and fine pigments so they blend really easily," Soleimani told me. "We’re just layering and blending and really using a lot of brushes. First the white, then the teal, then the fuchsia and just kind of blending them into each other so the water falls down. The white pearl pigment would be like the water, and then the different colors would be like different colors of paint and you kind of would just work with it like that. A lot of layers. So it becomes like very … it’s almost like in a painting. When you look at the water that you’re dipping your paint into and the colors swirl together, it’s kind of that feeling."

The look was finished with Mineralize Blush in Lovewrecked for a slightly dewy look and Dim Lip Erase, a PRO product, to keep the lips pale. "It’s more for the girls that have really dark lips," Soleimani said. "The girls that have pale lips, we’re keeping as is. It’s not a beige lip, it’s just toned down."

Next it was onto hair, where Laurent Philippon of Bumble and bumble shared his genius with me. "We decided to leave the hair down, to do a really clean but sexy kind of look," he told me. "It’s all down, parted in the middle, has a little bit of volume on the top. It’s not 60s, there’s no reference. This hairstyle just felt right for the collection, with the makeup, which is so beautiful and so present. So we just decided to do slightly wavy texture and then a little bit of volume on top, which gives a really nice profile, a really nice silhouette, a little more height."

To get the look, Philippon only used a few Bumble and bumble products. He prepared the hair with Styling Lotion, which he said is a really nice mix of holding product and conditioning product and helps to prep the hair. He then used Does it All on the top section, which was slightly backcombed for extra height. This product is a very light spray that was just used to keep the backcombing in place.

And then for the piece de resistance! Philippon finished with styling wax. "At the very end, when they’re gonna be dressed up, just before they go out on the runway, I’m going to put a little bit of styling wax," he told me. "Just to separate a little bit and bring a little bit of sexiness."

Philippon also had a great tip for those lovers out there of Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. "I’ve been using it as a blowdrying lotion," he said. "It brings a really nice volume and a really nice matte texture to it."

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