Sunday, February 15, 2009

Direct from the Runway: Karen Walker Fall 2009

Broken down, cracked pieces were the inspiration for the Karen Walker Fall 2009 collection. In fact, cracked china lent inspiration to the light dirty grey polish seen on the models' nails as they walked down the runway on February 14. This shade mirrored and complemented the gorgeous clothing like in the look at left. Get more details on the polish and the makeup after the jump.

Angi Wingle of Creative Nail Design headed the team that was responsible for the gorgeous creamy dove grey seen on the nails. A blend of Cream Puff (2/3 of a bottle), Voodoo (24 drops) and Hot Pop Blue (10 drops) was used to create this slightly dirtily tinged hue. "If you think about the cracked edges [of china], it looks kind of like a dirty grey around the edges," Wingle told me. "So the color that we’ve chosen for the nails -– and there are some looks that have gloves, but Karen was very specific that all the models have color on the nails because some have gloves and some don’t -– so it kind of ties the whole look together, that light dirty grey."

The 15 models' nails were then swept with a coat of Speedey Top Coat for a quick set, so that they would dry quickly enough to go inside the gloves.

Makeup was done by Maxine Leonard, who kept the girls really fresh and beautiful and kept the skin really dewy. Pink cheeks were offset by a gorgeous orange lip, which she created with a blend of two different cream eyeshadows. "The flash comes with the lip," Leonard told me. She used products by Shu Uemura, M.A.C and Bobbi Brown to create the look.

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