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First Look Fridays: Beth Shapouri of Glamour's The Girls in the Beauty Department

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Once in awhile, I meet a blogger at an event and instantly bond with her. Such was the case recently with Beth Shapouri, one of the bloggers behind Glamour's beauty blog, The Girls in the Beauty Department.

As we both waited in vain to get backstage for the Rosa Cha show during Spring 2009 Fashion Week, we became increasingly incensed over the lack of care shown to the bloggers -- and immediately started chatting to try and alleviate our frustration. Ever since, I've been hooked on the Glamour blog and read it incessantly throughout the day. And the blogger who always catches my attention with her interesting new ways to look at old products or ideas about celebrities' latest hair and makeup looks? It's Beth, of course. I'm thrilled to bring you this week's edition of First Look Fridays with the fabulous Beth Shapouri. Keep reading to find out how she got involved in the beauty world, what her favorite products are and more.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby and really big hair. I was always naturally pretty good at figuring out makeup stuff, but I never really thought that much about it -- I really just wanted to be a writer. The beauty part came about because I did an internship at YM when I was studying journalism at New York University. They needed a beauty assistant right when I was graduating and I thought, Hey, I can handle writing about makeup and went for the job.

When did you first become interested in beauty, and what sparked your interest?
Like I said, I really fell into beauty -- I didn't really set out to go into it. But there's an artistic element to it I really like. And the science behind new products is always interesting.

Glamour, The Girls In The Beauty Department, Beth Shapouri, interview, beauty blog
How did you become involved with the Girls in the Beauty Department?
I heard they were looking for someone right around the time I was getting an itch to get into blogging. Fate, perhaps?

What have been some of the highlights of being involved with the Glamour beauty blog?
Definitely the immediate feedback and interaction with commentors -- I LOVE that. And it's the first time I've ever been able to write about all the little things that come up that catch my eye like when someone wears some insane hair accessory on American Idol or something. That's a lot of fun.

How do you come up with your ideas and decide what to write about?
I look at a lot of celebrity film, so that helps. But anything could spur a blog post. Really, anything. Something a friend says. A moment I have in the bathroom where I drop my eyeliner on my bathmat. Anything.

What are your beauty essentials?

1) A good bronzer, always, always.

2) I've recently become OBSESSED with glycolic acid thanks to the Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser that I kind to want to marry. Seriously, my skin tone is so much more even. (Click here to read Beth's post about it!)

Amazing Cosmetics, Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer, makeup
3) Concealer. I have several tubs I alternate. And I posted about how much I love Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer -- it really does hide undereye circles.

4) Black mascara, of course. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one. Maybe someday I'll find it.

What is the most rewarding part of what you do?
Helping women figure out the parts they love best about themselves and giving them ways to play those things up.

Playing with products must be fun -- but what do you do for fun when you're not blogging?
What most people do, I think. Read, go to movies, grab dinner with my girlfriends, etc. And my blog readers know I'm into certain TV shows (cough*Lost*cough). [Editor's note: I knew I liked you, Beth!]

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