Monday, March 2, 2009

Must-Have Mondays: Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion

I can wax poetic about the fabulousness of Urban Decay Primer Potion. This stuff makes me so happy, I would marry it if that were legal. So when I found out that there was a new one called Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion, I simply had to try it out immediately.

Like the original UDPP, this primer keeps shadow in place all day long. No smudging, no creasing, no moving of any kind. You can even sleep with your eyeshadow on -- and yes, I know it's wrong not to wash your face before bed! -- and when you wake up in the morning, your shadow will be completely intact.

But there's been an update to the formula with Sin. This creamy formula includes a ton of shimmer that makes your eyeshadow totally pop. It somehow gleams and glimmers out from beneath the shadow to add a dose of glamour to your look. And it's actually thick enough that you can wear it on its own if you prefer -- though I really like to layer it with cream shadow like a M.A.C Paint Pot to really make the shimmer come out full force.

The new Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion is available for $17 at


  1. I agree I really love this stuff! I never tried the original, so I can't compare. But this eyeshadow primer is the best I have ever used!

  2. OK, twist my arm! Off to Sephora I go!!

  3. must. try. this!

  4. I'm so tempted to have this SIN ! hahaha... But there's no Urban Decay products to be found here... sighs*