Monday, April 13, 2009

Changes Here at The Beauty of Life

Okay, fellow beauty chicks. So remember when I told you last week that I would be letting you know about some changes here at The Beauty of Life? You all know how much I love beauty. And that hasn't changed. But I've decided to discontinue the daily columns (Must-Have Mondays, Two-For Tuesdays, etc). Don't worry, I'll still be posting every day -- chances are, many times a day! -- but not in column format.

Some of the columns will still appear, however, but in different form. You'll still see tons of trend posts -- probably more than once a week now that I won't be limited to just posting them on Thursdays. And interviews with makeup artists, hairstylists and other heavy-hitters in the beauty industry aren't going anywhere! Again, you might even see them more often than once a week -- because goodness knows there are tons of amazing people out there with tips and tricks we all need to know. And giveaways? Don't you worry. Those will never go away! (Speaking of which, have you entered the latest one?)

I hope this doesn't cause a problem for any of my readers. I want this site to continue to grow and change, not to mention I want it to still be fun! So sit back, relax and look forward to a new era at The Beauty of Life. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Wow what an endorsement!!! That works so beautifully for your coloring!!! I am more into neutrals and pale– I doubt I could get those blues to work. Is the other LM summer palette (mostly browns & golds) just as nicely textured? That’s more my speed… thanks!!

  2. Hi Rose -- Thanks for the comment! I'm not sure which palette you're referring to, since this was left on a post that doesn't deal with palettes. Can yoube more specific?