Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trend-Spotting: Crazy Colored Hair

Spotted: crazy colored hair on the Spring 2009 runways! From Balenciaga to John Galliano (seen above), models were seen walking down the runway with bright locks in all shades of the rainbow. And whether or not you're interested in recreating the look yourself, you've gotta admit it makes things more exciting! Check out more looks and weigh in with your opinions after the jump.

Blue, pink and purple hues are teased into the stratosphere at John Galliano
It's time for Halloween at John Galliano with bright orange curly locks!
Lime green is the order of the day at John Galliano
Models sported bright blue wigs beneath black top hats at Betsey Johnson
Pink tresses are sleek and center-parted at Balenciaga
Touches of bright fuchsia woven into French twists at Yves Saint Laurent


  1. as a 49 year old woman who sports shoulder length nuclear red tresses with dark brown underneath, I love seeing crazy colors. I have been every color of the rainbow since my early 20's and don't plan to stop any time soon. Always said i'd be a blue-haired old lady ;)

  2. I'm with Shrinky Inky... thankfully I'm "on trend" for once! My bright purple chunks are trendy. Woo hoo!

    Really though, trendy never worried me. But maybe this will help people not stare so hard. ;)