Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dashing Diva Gelife: Your One-Stop Shop to an Unbelievably Glossy Manicure

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Remember my fascination with Calgel a few months back? (Click here for a little refresher course.) Well, Dashing Diva has now gotten in on the action with Gelife.

Gelife is a new UV service for nails that gives a high-gloss shine and sheen. The 25-minute process involves two coats of a soft, removable gel applied to the nails just like nail polish. The manicurist does one nail at a time before heat-curing them under a UV light. And guess what? The gel sets immediately under the UV light with no drying time! None, I tell you! You can literally walk right out of the salon without that annoyingly boring wait time you'll usually encounter during a manicure.

And the good news? It doesn't chip or fade! You're guaranteed two weeks of wear with this stuff -- and trust me, it works. A slight drawback is the fact that you have to soak your nails in acetone for at least 10 minutes to remove the stuff (for me it was more like 20 -- after 10, it wasn't quite ready to come off yet). But that's a small price to pay for nails that stay looking so fantastic even after 10 days!

Now, the prices may seem a bit high -- the manicure is $45, the pedicure is $60 and the French manicure is $55. But since it lasts for two weeks, don't you think that's worth the extra cost? I sure do.

Gelife is currently available in Clear, Cool Pink and Warm Pink. I got the Cool Pink -- a very nice, natural-looking hue that added just the right amount of je ne sais quoi to my natural-looking manicure. My one hope is that eventually Dashing Diva rolls out Gelife in more colors ... I'd love to rock the glossy look with a gorgeous purple or deep wine!

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  1. I've tried Cargel Manicure, but wasn't satisfied with it. I didn't like how it felt suffocating on my nails, its staying duration and the removal process. While I'm interested in this one for being super fast and easy, I'm a little hesitant about soaking in acetone for 10-20 mins. Wouldn't that damage my nails? But otherwise, this would be a great option for someone who needs a long lasting manicure.