Friday, August 7, 2009

Saint or Sinner: Is Kat Von D Stealing Lipstick Queen's Thunder?

While reading Beauty and the Blog today, I came across something quite interesting. It seems that tattoo artist Kat Von D is launching a fragrance collection next month named Saint or Sinner. When I saw this, I immediately thought of Lipstick Queen and the line's Saint and Sinner lipsticks.

In one corner, we have the Kat Von D Saint or Sinner Fragrances:

Saint is described as a sweet, addictive blend of caramel, vanilla and jasmine; while Sinner is described as playing up a dark and mysterious side with hints of vetiver, plum and cinnamon.

And in the other corner, we have the Lipstick Queen Saint and Sinner Lipsticks:Sinner is described as all pigment, no shimmer or frosting. It is positively naughty to get lipstick this opaque, rich and creamy with a matte yet silky finish.
Saint is described as light and airy. The sheerest, moistest, most serene lipsticks you have ever tried.

Doesn't this just seem a bit too similar? Why the same names, Kat?

It's time for you to weigh in! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Interesting...I guess she felt it was okay because she was using the names for perfume instead of makeup.

    How do you make the calendar for the monthly giveaways? It looks fantastic!

  2. Kat von D might not have known about Lipstick Queen. "Sinner" and "Saint" aren't Poppy King's exclusive property, either. Do you remember Meredith Brooks's song "Bitch"?

    "I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
    I'm a child, I'm a mother
    I'm a sinner, I'm a saint ..."

  3. I think it's more like Kat goes "Lipstick Queen who?". I know I do.

    And in the world of fashion and beauty - well, and poetry and art and music and life saint and sinner is pretty much a very popular theme...

  4. It seems to be a fashion trend this fall though. I just looked at Zoya's collections of fall colors an they are named Truth and Dare. Similar in idea.

  5. I agree with Fifrildi-I bet Kat has no clue that these other products even exist.

  6. The "saint and sinner" theme is very common in tattoos. I'm a tattoo fan myself and I've seen multiple people with saint tattoo'd on one arm and sinner on the other. It's, in a way, a throw back to old sailor tattoo's. And seeing that Kat is a tattoo artist, I'm willing to bet that was her inspiratation for the names of her fragrances.

  7. I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!! SEPHORA IS RIPPING OFF LIPSTICK QUEEN, they can't get original. I bet if Lipstick Queen was a huge corporation like MAC this would never have happend as it would get tied up in lawsuits.
    Figures another example of a corporation taking advantage of the smaller guys.

  8. Won't be the first or the last to use the words/theme of Saint & Sinner - who the hell is Lipstick Queen anyway?

  9. Umm, why are you guys referring to "Kat" as responsible for this idea. It obviously was conceived by a marketing team that pitched it to her and she approved it. She is a tattooer and celebrity not a perfume maker, as far as her line they are slapping her face on it and she is claiming responsibility. Not really that strange. You guys also are aware her reality show is filmed on a set and Santa and the tooth fairy don't exist... right?

  10. Agree with commenter above: Those marketing her fragrance had to have known about LQ's lipsticks - too close for comfort here. They may think that because they are two different products, there isn't a conflict - probably even got a legal opinion. Also, the bottles closely resemble the bottles of the Lancome fragrance released last Sept ... sad they couldn't have been more original on both counts - name and design.