Saturday, September 12, 2009

Direct from the Runway: Rosa Cha Spring 2010

We usually don’t wear heavy makeup to the beach, but hey, it’s Fashion Week! The makeup for Rosa Cha was super bright and fun. Where did summer go? I want to wear these colors now! See all the details after the jump.

Philippe Chansel for M.A.C created a “fresh, summer look” with M.A.C Golden Lemon Pigment on the eyes, wearable because of its sheer texture. He wanted the look to be very clean, which he emphasized by lining insides of the lashline with white pencil. When asked how to translate such a bold color to everyday wear, he said, “This look is actually wearable for a secure girl. The key is to keep the biggest accent in one area.” He explained that since he wanted the eyes to pop, he kept color off the rest of the face, only using a transparent lipgloss (M.A.C Slicked Pink).

Off the runway and on the beach, Philippe recommended wearing waterproof mascara and a tinted lipgloss that can be applied to the cheeks for double duty.

To keep all the models’ nails consistent, the Dashing Diva team first applied Kiss Express On Nails and trimmed them to an oval shape. Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva said the pinky coral of Dashing Diva Nail Polish in Miranda’s Law picked up on the orange in the swimwear while contrasting beautifully with the green. Keep a watch out for this matte color, which Pattie predicted will be huge next season –- Fashion Week is only a day in and this color has already been requested at two shows!

--Jennifer Lee

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