Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beauty Question: How Often Do You Work Out?

Very pressing Beauty Question today, fellow beauty chicks. How often do you work out? I'm trying to get back into the habit of going four times a week, but wow is it hard. Tell me your stories -- and how you motivate yourself to get there! Cute workout clothes? Good TV? A new CD you're just dying to listen to? Can't wait to hear your stories!


  1. I just got back in the workout game and I paid for a few sessions with a personal trainer when I signed up for my gym. My trainer suggests I aim for 3 times a week and if I'm feeling up to in a month or two to up it to 4. A trainer is great for getting you back on target and helping you figure out what would work best for you. Good luck!

  2. I was a gym rat for years and am now getting back into working out at home. I miss the variety of the machines/classes at the gym, but I will say that I have more motivation knowing I just have to go downstairs to work out. For me, workouts are easiest in the mornings before work - I just get up an hour earlier than normal, jump on the treadmill and/or grab some free weights ... and the best part is that then I'm done for the day - I can't blame after work get-togethers or last minute errands for throwing me off my schedule! I usually get in at least 5 workouts a week this way.

    It also helps to have a playlist on the iPod or a TV show ready on the DVR to make the cardio time go by faster, too. Good luck!!

  3. I run 2-3 times/week and do yoga 2-3 times/week as well.

  4. I usually work out about five times a week (I skip weekends). Sometimes I have to miss my workout because of something that is going on right after work, but not too often, and I just cant work out in the morning, im not a morning person. My motivation is just getting the kinks of the day out of me, blowing off some steam, from sitting all day at work. And also, it just feels really good to work out…

  5. I try to go 5 times a week. I want beyonce thighs!



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