Friday, October 30, 2009

Blow Continues to Blow Me Away. (Check Out Their Shower Cap!)

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I've stated before how in love I am with Blow. It's one of my favorite salons in the city -- they give the absolute best, most meticulous blowouts that last for days and days. So what better way to keep the blowout going than with my very own The Perfect Shower Cap?

This terry-lined, snugly-fitting shower cap keeps every single strand perfectly and completely dry no matter how long the shower. I can keep a good blowout going for up to four days with this baby! It seals out moisture and even comes with its own little plastic travel case. And with the hot pink Blow logo motif set against sheered-out white, it's just totally and completely adorable. Plus, it totally adds to the decor of my cutesy pink bathroom!

Blow The Perfect Shower Cap retails for $18 at

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