Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beauty Question: How Much Do You Spend On Beauty Each Month?

Fess up, fellow beauty chicks. How much do you spend on average each month on beauty products? If you're like me, you find it impossible to walk out of a Sephora without dropping at least $80, so it's probably fairly high. I'd say on average I spend about $300 every month, including any spa treatments. Let me know your number in the comments!


  1. About $130. I am a bit obsessed but I dont think, it is that bad.

  2. I haven't been so bad lately bc I've gone from FT job to FT broke ass student hehe LOL! So I spend about $20 a month so I'll get maybe one mascara, palette, or eyeshadow a month. But when I did have a job it was upwards to about $60-80. WOWZERS!!

  3. It varies from month to month how much i spend on beauty products,i think i spend at least 25 $ per months but some times it decreases and increases.

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  4. It depends how much money I have in that month :) Usually around $30



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