Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beauty Question: Does Your City's Water Give You Good Hair?

Whenever I travel, I wonder whether the city's water will leave me with good hair or bad hair. Some cities, like New York, make my hair look pretty good. Others, like Boston, make it look absolutely terrible. But the all-time best city for my hair? None other than Cleveland, Ohio. (That's a picture of the city's skyline at night, above.) I don't know what it is about the water that gives me such good hair -- but every time I visit, my tresses are sleek, shiny and unbelievably smooth without my even having to try. Too bad I can't bottle the stuff and bring it everywhere I go!

So tell me ... does your city's water give you good hair? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Cleveland is best for me too! Pittsburgh isn't bad either. My hair doesn't seem to like any East Coast city, but Boston is the worst!

  2. NYC gives me the best hair, but if you ever go to Poland DON'T wash your hair in Warsaw! Dry and frizzy hair becomes ultra oily and ew! I still have nightmares dealing with my hair at that time.

  3. Perhaps this should be a new selling point for women! :)

    From a Cleve gal (that's me!), I agree with you -- especially after living in Arizona for a few months. Eck!

    My hair was best in Europe -- specifically in Prague. I tend to have oily roots (and dry ends, of COURSE!), but there -- NO OIL. Like, ZERO. And I couldn't use my hair dryer (even with the plug converters), but FABULOUS hair the entire time!

  4. I am going to have to agree with Mel and say that Prague does have some great water! I was able to let my hair stay naturally curly without any product- and no frizz!

    Chicago's water is not too bad though...much better than Denver! In Denver my hair is always dry (probably also due to the altitude) and frizzy.

  5. I thought NYC was great for my hair. Considering it was summer too, I didn't have a problem with my long thick hair. I think sometimes air quality also is a factor.

  6. I live in northwest Indiana, we have well water but a very good softener. Everytime I stay in Chicago, my hair dries out terribly, split ends.. It's awful. But when I come home to Indiana, my hair gets soft and healthy again. Crazed.