Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Color Me Impressed: Colorist Jan-Marie Arteca

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For seven years, I didn't color my hair. This statement was met with inquisitive looks and shocked stares whenever it was uttered. But after going through every L'Oreal Feria shade of red in college -- seriously, everything from strawberry blonde to purplish auburn made its way onto my tresses -- I needed a good, long break. Not to mention I actually started to like my natural deep brown. But recently, I decided to make a foray back into color -- and there was no one better to take on the job than the fabulous Jan-Marie Arteca.

Jan-Marie and I had become friends on Twitter and Facebook in recent months, but this was our first face-to-face meeting. She put me at ease immediately, asking what I was after with my color and making some suggestions of her own. I mentioned that I was interested in going for a reddish-brown or auburn color, and Jan-Marie recommended going for a reddish-brown demi-permanent color with some honey and walnut highlights woven into the under layers. It sounded fabulous to me, so we went for it.

As Jan expertly foiled layer after layer of my hair and then painted every strand with the demi-permanent color, we talked incessantly about our love of all things Twilight and Jersey Shore. I even got treated to a hand massage from the very talented Geraldine (who, coincidentally, complimented me on looking so young. I told her she was my new best friend).I was having so much fun in her chair, I didn't want the treatment to end! But after the process was over and I was shampooed, conditioned and masked to perfection, that's when the real fun began.

As Jan-Marie began to blow out my tresses, I saw the color come to life before my very eyes. It. Was. Amazing. The reddish-brown color was exactly what I had been after, and the honey highlights underneath -- expertly visible when I pull my hair back into a ponytail -- were gorgeous. I was left speechless, stunned and supremely excited for my friends and coworkers to see the finished result.

The next day, I kept getting this reaction: "I can't stop staring at your hair!" Jan-Marie did such a fantastic job, it's been the talk of conversation at my office ever since. My hair has never looked better -- and now I can't wait to book my next appointment!

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