Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide: Aromatherapy Associates Candle Sets

Throughout the month of December, The Beauty of Life will be featuring a Holiday Gift Guide. Each gift is one I'd like to give AND get this season.

If you haven't yet heard of Aromatherapy Associates, now's your chance. I'm obsessed with everything in the line (like this lip balm, for example) -- but the candles are out of this world. If you only give one gift this season, please make it one of these two candle sets.

Aromatherapy Associates, Aromatherapy Associates Rose & Ginger Candle Trio, candle, candles, rose, ginger, gift, gift set, holiday gift, holiday giftsAromatherapy Associates Rose & Ginger Candle Trio ($56 at This set appeals to the girly side in me. I usually don't like pink, but there's something about the way these three candles are packaged that just really calls to me. The combination of rose and ginger creates a light, delicate fragrance that permeates without feeling heavy or cloying -- perfect for a cold winter's night cuddled up under a blanket with a book or episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Aromatherapy Associates, Aromatherapy Associates Essential Candles, candle, candles, gift, gifts, holiday gift, holiday gifts, gift set, lavender, chamomile, petitgrain, bay, pink grapefruitAromatherapy Associates Essential Candles: Perfect for the overachiever who just needs a bit of downtime, this set of three candles works to calm. There's Relax (with bay and lavender), De-stress (with chamomile) and Revive (with pink grapefruit and petitgrain). You'll actually look forward to crazy workdays, just so you have a chance to burn one of these when you get home!
Note: This set is no longer available.

Best of all, each candle from both of these sets has a 20-hour burn time, so you're sure to give -- or get -- plenty of lusciously wonderful scents in the home for days and days on end.

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