Friday, January 15, 2010

Lash Envy: Dior DiorShow Extase Mascara

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I've been on the hunt for a new amazing mascara for awhile. Not that I don't have some that get the job done -- but none that have really made me say WOW in quite some time. But then Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara came into my life, and all became right with the world.

I love the brush -- the thin spherical silhouette is packed to the gills with black pearl pigments to create a 3D volume effect. It adheres to lashes so easily, it almost feels like the brush is leading the hand as you apply! Inspired by the tiered couture dresses created by the house of Dior, it features both black elastomer fibers and gold nylon fibers to define lashes and give them tons of volume.

There are also metamorphosis powders in the formula, which expand in size by up to 50 percent as you apply -- and SR38 patented ceramid reconstructs damaged lashes and promotes fuller fringe.

The end result? In just one coat, my lashes are so long they HIT MY GLASSES. They're curled, they're long, they're full and thick -- if people didn't know any better, they'd assume I was wearing fakes!

Dior DiorShow Extase Mascara retails for $28.50 at


  1. These mascaras look great. Found a wonderful natural mascara by ZuzuLuxe which builds thickness and length. So, if you are interested in a more natural brand, this one if great. Sold in Whole Foods or on the ZuZu Luxe site.