Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Sing the Praises of the T3 Medium Duality Flat Iron

While in Israel, I did something shocking: I didn't bring a hairdryer or flat iron. (I'll wait for the screams and the intakes of breath to finish.) I had been told by many people that, even with the correct adapters and converters, they were bound to blow up -- and no way was I letting anything happen to my precious T3 Medium Duality Flat Iron.

This baby has seen me through some pretty tough hair times. No matter what the situation, it bails me out in merely minutes -- transforming my unruly mane from a kinky, curly-wavy mess to a sheet of pure shine. So let me tell you, being without it for 10 whole days was frightening. Luckily, some gals on the trip with me had brought flat irons and hairdryers, so of course I made friends with them -- but they didn't hold a candle to my precious T3.

The Tourmaline plates of the T3 work to straighten my hair without burning or singing it off, and there's never that rough feeling that comes from pulling other straightening irons through your hair. I've tried tons of other ceramic flat irons, and I'm here to tell you this one is the best. Hands down, the best. Try it for just five minutes and I guarantee you'll be hooked.

And I know I'm never leaving the country without it again.

The T3 Medium Duality Flat Iron retails for $160.

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