Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glow On: Kate Somerville HydraKate Line Release Face Serum

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Truth be told, I’ve never really seen the point of serums. Along with toners and even (gasp!) exfoliators, they feel a bit extraneous to me in a skincare routine. That is, until I discovered Kate Somerville HydraKate Line Release Face Serum.

This silver tube contains such a gem of a product that I’m tempted to buy up every single one on the market. Formulated with HSC Complex (to counter the loss of lipids from washing, stress, environment and UV exposure), Leuphasyl® (to reduce the depth of wrinkles) and skincare god of an ingredient Hyaluronic Acid (to hold water in the skin’s surface and increase suppleness), this product really and truly works.

I’ve been applying three pumps every morning to my face and neck and have seen unbelievable results. My skin is firmer, tighter and smoother -- and the glow is so noticeable, people keep asking if I’ve gotten a facial! It even helps to reduce redness after my morning workouts. It’s unbelievably lightweight and sinks into skin immediately without leaving behind a greasy sheen.

At $150 for 1 oz. at sephora.com, Kate Somerville HydraKate Line Release Face Serum is a true indulgence. But trust me, your skin will thank you.

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