Sunday, June 27, 2010

Suffering Through the World's Worst Haircut

Two weeks ago, I went into my regular salon and sat down in my stylist's chair. He'd been cutting my hair for over a year, so I felt completely confident sitting there. I didn't think he'd hack off too much, since he knew I'd been growing it out -- and, in fact, he had brought my hair back to life from the last terrible haircut experience of summer 2009. Little did I think he would completely ruin the tresses that had finally grown out past my shoulders, chopping such strange and uneven layers that I actually had to go back and have him fix his mistakes.

But you know what? The haircut is now even WORSE. I have strange, choppy layers that don't match. I have an uneven haircut that makes me alternate between crying and screaming every time I look at it. Worst of all, this haircut makes me feel ugly. I simply don't know what to do -- I fear hacking off any more will leave me with a bob so short, I'll end up crying for months.

I hate to be dramatic, because I know that in the end, it's just hair and it will grow. But for the next few months, I am stuck with a cut so terrible all I can do is wear my hair in a ponytail. (At least it's summer and too hot to wear it down anyway. Thank goodness for small favors.) It makes me angry, because this is a stylist I trusted -- and now I am at a complete loss.


  1. Ask friends for referrals to a stylist that they see and trust. Then book a consultation with that stylist, just to see what he or she would do to fix it. If you feel comfortable with what they suggest, then book an appointment. As a stylist myself, I can honestly say that there is usually ALWAYS something that can be done to make a bad cut look better! Hope it all works out for you!!! :)

  2. Hang in there my friend. Invest in some good headbands and other accessories. Their extra sparkle will make you feel better during the growing out stages :)

  3. I had exactly the same experience. It was strange, like the stylist went into the zone and kept cutting way after she should have stopped. When she did come out of her trance, she realized what she'd done and tried to fix it. It was awful. Choppy, uneven, large chunk missing from one side. Anyway I decided to go to another salon. I spent much more time researching and communicating with the stylists the past few haircuts because I felt like I didn't communicate right off the bat with the woman who screwed up my hair and just assumed she knew what she was doing.

  4. Cheer up! You are more than just your hair. Play up your other pretty features, wear interesting jewelry...I have never really liked my hair whether it be long or short (I keep it short because its funky, fun & easier to maintain), so I try to be creative & interesting & pretty with other aspects of my personality & my looks.