Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yay or Nay: Silly Bandz

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The latest trend hitting the wrists of everyone from 5-year-olds on up? Silly Bandz. These have infiltrated my office, my home, my subway stop -- everywhere I look, I see another Silly Band. (Or should it always be spelled with a Z? Is this one singular word that isn't truly singular?

In any case, I am thoroughly perplexed by the popularity of said bandz, much as adults must have been stunned by the amazingness of Slap Bracelets back when I was a kid. (Side note: I had a red and black polka-dotted one that was the BOMB. It's still on top of my dresser at my mom's house.) I can see the appeal as far as not actually putting them on your wrists goes, since at least then you can see the fun shapes. (Above, some of the bandz from the Princess Pack.) But once they're slung around your wrist, they completely lose their original shape and just look like multicolored rubber bands that actually start to make you lose feeling in your arm after awhile. So what's the point?

Maybe you can enlighten me, dear readers. Let me know your thoughts about Silly Bandz in the comments!

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  1. Nay, just because they're not as cool as slap bracelets were in our day.