Friday, July 2, 2010

The Best Update to the Best Friend Necklace: Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends Leather Pouches

Rebecca Minkoff, Rebecca Minkoff pouch, Rebecca Minkoff pouches, Rebecca Minkoff Best Friends Leather Pouches, pouch, accessory, accessories, Best FriendsWhen I was little, I had Best Friends necklaces with a couple girlfriends. You know, where one said "Be Fri" and the other said "St Ends." I always thought they were so cool! So it only stands to reason that the Rebecca Minkoff Best Friend Leather Pouches have been calling my name for months. I've been dying to buy them for my bestie and partner-in-crime, the fabulous Katie Reed.

And now seems like the perfect opportunity, since they're on sale for only $68.60 at! Now the only worry will be whether I get "Best" or "Friends."

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