Friday, October 8, 2010

Salon and Spa Directory: The Redken Chemistry Treatment at Angelo David Salon

My hair was in pretty dire straits when I walked into Angelo David Salon. Not only did the combination of humidity and rain mean my locks were -- there's no way around it -- HUGE, but weeks without a hair treatment or mask left them looking lackluster and dry. Thankfully, the Redken Chemistry Treatment set my tresses straight.

My favorite part about this treatment is that it's customized to your hair texture. It includes a shampoo, mask and sealant that can add moisture or protein, extend the life and vibrancy of your hair color, transform dry or brittle hair, add body and volume, or reduce frizz. Which one do you think I went for? If you guessed reduce frizz, you're right!

At the end of the treatment, not only was my hair softer and shinier than before, but it was so, SO silky. I was amazed at how lustrous it appeared after just 20 minutes!

For more information about the services Angelo David offers, click here.

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