Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nail Polish Collection Review: Color Club Untamed Luxury

Colors so luxe, they're covered in diamonds. That's the line of thought behind Color Club Untamed Luxury, the new collection for Fall 2010 -- and let me tell you, it's right on the money. Check out tons of sparkle, glitter and glam after the jump. (Note: each polish was applied with two coats.)

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Untamed Luxury is the namesake of the collection -- and my personal favorite! One coat yields a sheer, glittery green. Two bring forth a totally and completely WOW factor of sparkly teal. So gorgeous.

Snakeskin did give me some application problems, but I do like the greenish silver hue with undertones of glittery flecks. You will notice some streak marks, though -- the metallic finish of this polish definitely didn't make applying it a breeze.

Resort To Red is a beautiful deep scarlet. Again, the metallic finish caused some streak marks, but I'm willing to overlook it for such a gorgeous color.

Red Velvet ... I. Love. This. Color. The blackened red with flecks of crimson glitter is so glam macabre.

Ms Hautie is perfect for the holidays. A rainbow of shimmer underlies the bold silvery grey -- so perfect with a little black dress.

De-Luxe-Cious. I don't really see the need for both this color and Ms Hautie, to be honest -- but on their own, each is perfectly pretty. I do like the glittery finish of this one.

Covered In Diamonds. So unless you love wearing random pieces of glitter on your nails, this is not a polish to be worn on its own. I do like the randomness of the confetti-like, colorful glitter as the brush places it on the nail -- but I think it's better suited as a top coat.

For more information about Color Club and to find a retailer near you, visit cosmeticgroup.com.

Disclosure: These products were furnished by a representative of Color Club for potential review.

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