Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Shower Gel Journey: Philosophy Lilac Blossom Shower Gel

Philosophy, Philosophy 3-in-1, Philosophy body wash, Philosophy shower gel, Philosophy Lilac Blossom Shower Gel, shower gel, body wash, The Shower Gel Journey, shampooOoh La La! And add numerous exclamation points. How can a body gel feel so good? It can if it’s Philosophy Lilac Blossom Shower Gel. I’d heard from others that Philosophy is the product of choice, but I’d never had the chance to test that theory. How right they are! My skin glows, soft and smooth. All of the little wrinkly crinkly areas sighed with bliss as they were caressed with the creamy lotion-like shower gel. The scent does not overpower but stimulates and invigorates.

Then, I ventured into using Lilac Blossom as a shampoo. Yes! Lathered softness and clean, shiny hair. I don’t have the frizzies after applying Lilac Blossom, and I ALWAYS suffer from that affliction.

The Philosophy line ascribes to a science-based skin care technology, employing medically accepted ingredients. According to Philosophy, “[Our] promise is to bring its customers products that inspire them to live a better life by being better to themselves. We believe the best cosmetic is great looking skin.”

Bottom line: I love this product!

Note: This product is no longer available.

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