Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Best Hand Soaps: Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Hand Soap Liquid

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I've always been a fan of luxury hand soaps. Not that there's anything wrong with Softsoap or Dove, but once in awhile a girl's gotta wash up with something a bit more fabulous! So I'm introducing a new series with some of my very favorite hand soaps -- check out Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Hand Soap Liquid after the jump.

Whenever I want a little burst of summer, I reach for Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Hand Soap Liquid. The combination of juicy, citrusy pomelo -- a Tahitian fruit which smells like grapefruit -- with sparkling Asian ginger really makes my nose tingle in the greatest way. There's even a touch of basil essential oil in there for a bit of spiciness.

But what I really love? This hand soap doesn't dry out my mitts. Every time I lather up, they're left feeling so soft and nourished, thanks to ingredients like aloe vera gel, olive oil and a unique blend of essential oils. The scent lingers without feeling cloying, so I just feel happy for hours on end.

Caldrea Ginger Pomelo Hand Soap Liquid retails for $11.99 at

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