Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Which I Discover the Amazingness of Diffusers: Votivo Honeysuckle Reed Diffuser

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When I was young, I discovered honeysuckle. Sweet, fragrant, intoxicating honeysuckle. My next-door neighbor grew honeysuckle along the side of her house, and every summer, I would stoop down and breathe in the incredible aroma. The flower always intrigued me, least of which because you can actually eat it. (I never tried.)

But one thing I've stayed away from until very recently? The diffuser. I've always been a candle person -- for as long as I can remember, they've fascinated me. I've cultivated quite the collection over the years (BURN, Dayna Decker, Diptyque, Tocca the list goes on and on). One of the lines I've always loved, but never realized just how deep the love could go? Votivo.

And now I've discovered the amazingness of, not only diffusers, but Votivo diffusers. The Votivo Honeysuckle Reed Diffuser, to be exact. This diffuser leaves a room smelling exactly as though there were a honeysuckle bush in the room -- and I'm instantly transported back to my childhood in Cleveland.

This diffuser lasts for an incredible four months -- I just have to remember to flip the sticks every few weeks to ensure the scent keeps on going. Believe me, that's not something I'll soon forget!

The Votivo Honeysuckle Reed Diffuser retails for $40 at

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