Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Shower Gel Journey: Dior J’Adore Creamy Shower Gel

Dior, Dior J'Adore, Dior J'Adore Creamy Shower Gel, Dior body wash, Dior shower gel, body wash, shower gelI’m wearing DIOR!! All right, I’m not swathed in a designer collection dress at the moment, but I am encased in the French ecstasy of Dior J’Adore Creamy Shower Gel. Direct from Paris, the very special body wash comes in an enticing box, lettered in gold. Inside awaits an elegant perfume bottle-shaped gel just waiting to be opened.

Creamy lather, scented with Ylang-Ylang essential oils, delivers a soft and supple result. The fragrance lasts through the day as a reminder of my Parisian shower gel journey.

Dating to the 1940's, the Christian Dior line has always embodied fragrance as the “finishing touch” when dressing. J’adore “reveals the most sublime femininity in each woman.”

J’adore Dior J’Adore!

Dior J’Adore Creamy Shower Gel retails for $47 at

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