Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Birthday Party Mani: Zoya Caitlin

Zoya, Zoya Nail Polish, Zoya Caitlin, Zoya Caitlin Nail Polish, Zoya Intimate Spring 2011 Nail Polish Collection, Zoya Intimate Nail Polish Collection Caitlin, nail, nails, nail polish, polish, lacquer, nail lacquer, mani, manicure, Susan Nam, Polished Beauty BarI had a little time to kill yesterday, so of course I decided to visit my gal Susan Nam at Polished Beauty Bar for a little nails date. I did actually have a reason for the visit, other than the fact that I just wanted to see Susan -- today is my birthday party and I wanted my nails to look fantastic! After playing with all of the new colors from Essie and Zoya (post on that experience coming shortly), we landed on Zoya Caitlin, from the Intimate Spring 2011 collection.

I love this color! It's such a gorgeous mix of blue and grey with a beautiful smoky finish. It's creamy beyond belief -- even just one coat was so opaque and looked amazing on the nail, though it's seen here with two.

Now that I have the perfect manicure, I simply can't wait for my birthday party to begin!


  1. Sorry I wasn't able to be there but your mani looks phenom! Hope it gives you something pretty to look at while you're a bit hungover :)

  2. HI!!
    I went to go see susan on monday to purchase some Zoya colors and she told me that she mentioned a certain "Zoya addicted polish buying customer" well...she wanted me to tell you Hi because she was talking about me! LOL
    well hello from the crazy polish girl, and your blog is awesome!

  3. The nail polish really has an amazing creamy and shining texture, it’s nice that you got the manicure done before your birthday celebrations. And I hope that the party was very enjoyable as well. I’ll also be heading out tonight to one of the best venues in Los Angeles to attend my close friend’s grand birthday party.