Monday, January 24, 2011

My Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Completely Bare, Volume 1

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While I'm a fan of the dark hair on my head, when it comes to my underarms, all bets are off. I despise having to shave every day, and I finally decided to do something about it ... I'm taking the plunge and trying laser hair removal at Completely Bare! Follow my journey over the next several months as I chronicle the progress!

This past Saturday was my first laser hair removal session. I must admit, I was pretty nervous! I wasn't sure what to expect -- some people say it hurts a lot, others say you barely feel anything. I do have a pretty high pain threshold, and I'm no stranger to waxing uber-sensitive areas ... but I really just had no idea what to expect!

Thankfully, my fears were assuaged almost immediately when I first met my technician, Ildi. She assured me that the process would be quick and relatively painless, and I did feel immediately relief! Before beginning the process, Ildi made sure I was aware of the following:

1) Waxing is not allowed between laser hair removal sessions.

2) While waxing is out of the question, you can shave immediately after treatment. Completely Bare even has razors for people who don't want to walk out of the treatment room hairy!

3) You must keep the lasered area out of the sun for at least two weeks following each session. (Since we're in the middle of a freezing winter, I don't think that will be a problem!)

4) Each time the laser was used, it would shoot out a bright light. (Ildi gave me sunglasses to wear during the process.) She said it would just be a quick zap, not painful at all.

5) For the first two weeks, change in the hair would not be noticeable. But after two weeks, it should start thinning -- and, by the fourth session, should be almost invisible.

6) The entire process would take 6-8 sessions.

Then we were ready to begin! Imagine my surprise when the entire process took FIVE MINUTES. Seriously, five minutes and Ildi was done! She did about 5-6 zaps on each underarm, which were a bit uncomfortable but definitely not painful -- and, as soon as each zap was over, the pain was completely gone.

As it's only been two days since my first session, I obviously am not seeing changes yet. But I'm confident that by my next session in March, I'll already start to see some improvement! Stay tuned for Volume 2 of my experience with laser hair removal, coming March 6!

Each laser hair removal session for underarms is $245. You can also purchase a package of 6 sessions for $1350. For more information on Completely Bare, visit

Disclosure: This session was provided free of charge by Completely Bare for potential review.


  1. I've always wondered how effective laser hair removal is. I've heard mixed reviews. Be sure to let us know how it all works out in the end.

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