Tuesday, January 11, 2011

STELLANUDE: When Being Nude is Totally Acceptable

Stella McCartney, Stella McCartney STELLANUDE, Stella McCartney fragrance, Stella McCartney perfume, Stella McCartney eau de toilette, pefume, fragrance, eau de toilette, parfumIn all my years of wearing fragrance, only two have really garnered compliments each and every time I’ve worn them: Ralph Lauren Romance and Stella McCartney Stella. Each one makes people stop in their tracks when they get close enough (because I would NEVER douse myself in perfume, what bad form!) ... guys, girls, gay, straight, young, old, every single person I come in contact with feels compelled to tell me how good I smell. And, truth be told, Stella has totally edged out Ralph Lauren in recent years.

Well, color me happy, because the latest incarnation of Stella -- STELLANUDE -- is just as fabulous as the original. With notes of Moroccan Rose, Grapefruit, White Peony, Pink Pepper, Precious Vanilla, Grey Amber and Musk, STELLANUDE is a lighter, fresher version of the original. I’ve taken to spritzing my wrists, neck and hair with this delightful fragrance every time I leave the house (when I’m not wearing my tried and true Stella, of course). And, true to form, STELLANUDE brings forth the compliments just as much as its predecessor.

And, let’s be honest -- who doesn’t want a cute guy telling her how good she smells?

Stella McCartney STELLANUDE retails for $45-$85 at sephora.com.


  1. The original Stella is my all time fav!!! I also have the Stella Sheer, so I MUST try the Stella Nude! :)

  2. This sounds exactly like a scent that I would really love!!! Thanks for the review... I will be buying it when I purchase my next perfume!!! Currently I am loving Bath and Body Works "Black Amethyst".... so intoxicating....

    Have a fabulous day...
    Lisa O.