Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Luxe List: 80 Acres Blood Orange Hand & Body Wash

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It's not often that I recommend a product that's super expensive. But when I do, you'd better believe I absolutely love it and have to share my love with the world. To that end, behold The Luxe List, where I bring you the most luxurious products on the market that are actually worth their salt.

I have a body wash problem. What is it, you may ask? I have way too many in my shower! At any given time, there are no fewer than eight shower gels making their way through my rotation. So when I continue to use one day after day, foregoing all other scents and lathers that may abound, you just know it has to be special. Enter 80 Acres Blood Orange Hand & Body Wash.

Refreshing citrus essential oils, neroli, vetiver and jasmine combine to create a heady fragrance that evokes the citrus groves and wild jasmine growing on the MeEvoy Ranch (where this body wash is created). I've found that about 10 pumps onto a pouf create a lather so rich, so lush, so foaming, you'll be immersed in a veritable wealth of orange-scented bubbles.

Now, this body wash isn't unbelievably expensive -- it's just $20 at mcevoyranch.com. But I do think that's on the high end for a body wash, which is why I've placed it in The Luxe List.

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