Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Completely Bare, Volume 3

Completely Bare, laser hair removal, hair removal, Completely Bare laser hair removalWhile I'm a fan of the dark hair on my head, when it comes to my underarms, all bets are off. I despise having to shave every day, and I finally decided to do something about it ... I'm taking the plunge and trying laser hair removal at Completely Bare! Follow my journey over the next several months as I chronicle the progress!

This past Saturday was my third laser hair removal session with Ildi at Completely Bare. I'm pretty used to the process now, so I just hopped right up on the table and let Ildi get to work.

Remembering how I had to reschedule my last session due to the fact that I'd shaved two days before, I (very unwillingly) made myself go five days without shaving prior to the appointment. Ildi actually had to shave my hair down a bit before starting the laser treatment this time, though she said it's better to do it that way than have me shave beforehand.

I noticed a definite decrease in the pain factor this time. I never really thought it was painful, anyway, but each zap with the laser barely made an impact at all during this session! Nothing more than a tiny prick.

The only thing I think is strange is that my hair actually seems to be growing back faster after session 2 than it did after session 1. I'm hoping after this third session, though, the hair growth slows considerably.

Check back in mid-June for Volume 4 of my laser hair removal experience!

Disclosure: This session was provided free of charge by Completely Bare for potential review.

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  1. I also did a laser hair removal treatment for my legs and I am very happy with the result. It took me 8 sessions to get rid of all my hair and now after 6 months is hard for me to see hair in the treated area,