Monday, June 20, 2011

Trend-Spotting: Skulls

Want to introduce a touch of the macabre into your look? Why not add a skull or two into your wardrobe? Tanks, earrings, necklaces ... there are a host of scary choices out there for you, regardless of whether Halloween is anywhere close (like these Iosselliani Filigree Skull Earrings, $245 at Check out some of my favorites after the jump.

Illustrated People Big Skulls Oversized Top
Totally cartoonish, totally cute.
$50 at

Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield Skull and Cross Bones Studs
Rose gold gives these an Old World quality.
$48 at

Pamela Love 5 Skull Necklace
Because five are better than one.
$120 at

Fenton Neon Tribal Necklace
Claws. Neon. Feathers. Spikes. Skulls. Is there anything this necklace doesn't do?
$625 at

Jessica Kagan Cushman Brass Skull and Crystals Ring
A bold cocktail ring with just a touch of sass.
$125 at

Sauce Gaga Open Back Tee
An unassuming tee, made utterly cool with a wigged skull and back cutout details.
$62 at

Me&Ro Tiny Skull Stud Earring
As if skulls couldn't get any cooler, this ruby-eyed earring is sold by itself -- so one ear will make such a fun statement.
$295 at

Alexander McQueen Flesh Enamel Skull Bangle
Enamel and gold finish sweeten up this bangle's dark side.
$275 at

Rachel Rachel Roy Skull Drop Earrings
Faceted jewels for eyes and gleaming worn gold? Sign me up.
$40 at

Lauren Moshi Butterfly Skull Trixie Open Shoulder Tee
Cutout shoulders and a skull made out of butterflies make this soar to the top of my most-wanted list.
$96 at

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  1. I love those skull earrings - especially the gold ones. They sure beat the $4 ones I have from Claire's.