Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Completely Bare, Volume 4

laser hair removal, Completely Bare, Completely Bare laser hair removal, hair removalWhile I'm a fan of the dark hair on my head, when it comes to my underarms, all bets are off. I despise having to shave every day, and I finally decided to do something about it ... I'm taking the plunge and trying laser hair removal at Completely Bare! Follow my journey over the next several months as I chronicle the progress!

Recently, I had my 4th laser hair removal session at Completely Bare. I went eight weeks in between sessions this time instead of the six I'd had in between the previous sessions. I will say I didn't notice much of a difference in the amount of hair growth from six to eight weeks.

Actually, if I'm being completely honest, I didn't really notice a decrease in hair growth between sessions three and four. I had to shave pretty frequently -- almost every day -- and the growth just didn't really seem to slow down. The strange part is that the growth seemed more frequent on the left side than on the right!

The session itself was super quick and (relatively) painless. Five minutes with Ildi and I was done!

My next session is in August. Check back for Volume 5 of my laser hair removal experience!

Disclosure: This session was provided free of charge by Completely Bare for potential review.


  1. thanks for sharing your laser hair removal. I can tell you from my laser hair removal Toronto experience that after just 4 session the result can't be visible...maybe who knows, you might nee more than the average of 7-8 sessions/ treatment. Don't want to scare you but as you may know, the number of sessions depends on many factors, is not an exact number. And if your doctor hasn't told you this, you should know that the results of a laser hair removal treatment aren't 100 permanent..this is just a myth...maybe you;ll be lucky and get 100% results, but if you don't you should know that all that laser hair removal can guarantee is : Long lasting results, not permanent. Good luck with your treatment!!!!

  2. emwarren -- Thanks so much for your comments! I actually have definitely seen results after four treatments, but I know it will take at least six before they are more permanent. Check back at the end of August for the next installment in my experience!

  3. I will:) Good luck again with your treatment.