Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Divine Design: Anjolee Bangle Bracelets

Jewelry. Is there a more beautiful word in the English language? Something tells me there just isn’t. I love discovering new jewelry designers, so when I came across Anjolee, I was immediately hooked.

Now, here’s the thing. I usually don’t wear bracelets -- they tend to overpower my slender wrists, and throughout the day I just wish I hadn’t worn them at all. But that’s so not the case with the beautiful bracelets by Anjolee.

For starters, I’m totally loving the bangle bracelets. From the Bezel Set Flexible Diamond Bangle Bracelet (seen above, which includes a stunning 29-36 sparkling diamonds) to the Princess Cut Flexible Diamond Bangle Bracelet, each one is so special and unique. And really, who couldn’t use a bangle bracelet with a little bling?

Then there's the diamond bangle. The Legendary Curved Diamond Bangle, seen above, is most definitely my favorite. With its elegant curved design and three radiant diamonds that come in your choice of four sizes (ranging from .25 ct. to 1 ct.), this bangle goes with absolutely everything and is totally fit for a princess. And, let’s be honest -- who wouldn’t go for the 1 ct. size?

So, with that being said? With the opportunity to customize your design, choosing from gold or platinum, carat sizes, different diamond qualities and jewelry lengths, Anjolee’s many designs have now ensured that I’m completely into the bangle bracelet. Really, was there any other way?

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