Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Johnson's Baby Products Challenge: 2 Uses for Johnson's Baby Powder

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I've long been a fan of Johnson's. One might say it was my first foray into beauty products, since my mom shampooed my hair with the baby shampoo when I was a baby! Recently, Johnson's asked me to take on a four-week challenge using their baby products on myself and report the findings. Check out how it's been going!

In the past week, I've experienced a revelation in my beauty routine. And it's all thanks to Johnson's Baby Powder. While I always thought this was just to keep babies from experiencing diaper rash or chafing, I quickly learned that there are many uses for grownups, too!

1) I decided to start by trying it out as a dry shampoo. I experimented with shaking it into my hands and then smoothing it over my hair, and with shaking it directly onto my roots before brushing through. Both ways worked, as long as I wasn't TOO generous with the shaking -- and my roots were grease-free for at least an extra day, which meant I could stretch my blowout longer than I expected!

2) I also tried the baby powder as an alternative to baking soda in my shoes. My TOMS in particular tend to get pretty odorous after awhile, so I shook some baby powder in them overnight and let it set. Lo and behold, they smelled fantastic in the morning!

I'm really loving the chance to try these Johnson's Baby products in new and different ways ... and the fact that they're all super inexpensive! Have you tried Johnson's Baby Powder on yourself? What did you think?

Johnson's Baby Powder retails for $5 at


  1. They say that baby powder could help heal baby rashes. big time. I hope that is true.


  2. Johnson's baby powder has been trusted for so many years, for so many generations. It has been passed from generation to generation.