Saturday, November 12, 2011

Johnson's Baby Products Challenge: Top 3 Unconventional Uses for Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Johnson's, Johnson's Baby, Johnson's Baby Shampoo, shampoo, unconventional beauty tips, Johnson's Baby Products ChallengeI've long been a fan of Johnson's. One might say it was my first foray into beauty products, since my mom shampooed my hair with the baby shampoo when I was a baby! Recently, Johnson's asked me to take on a four-week challenge using their baby products on myself and report the findings. Check out how it's been going!

Since I started my love of beauty products with Johnson's Baby Shampoo, it seems only fitting that I introduce it into my rotation for the month! Here are the 3 unconventional but amazing ways I discovered for this magical beauty product.

1) Now, here's the thing. While I could use it as a gentle shampoo on myself, I wanted to try it in some unconventional ways. My grandma and mom have always told me that Johnson's Baby Shampoo works wonders on stains -- and, since I'm admittedly klutzy, I did have some small stains on clothes I wanted to try and remove. Imagine my delight when, lo and behold, the stains were gone after I let the clothing soak in the sink with a touch of shampoo rubbed into the spots!

2) I've also taken to washing my delicates in the sink with Johnson's. Since it's formulated to work on babies' hair, it's perfect for the most delicate of items in my wardrobe. Plus they smell fantastic once they're clean!

3) And here's something that might shock you. I'm not very good at remembering to clean my makeup brushes. Luckily, a dollop of Johnson's Baby Shampoo rubbed into the brushes and run under water and voila! Clean brushes that are sanitized and ready for shimmery eyeshadow.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo retails for $4 at

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