Friday, December 2, 2011

The Best Hand Soaps: Thymes Bergamot Vert Hand Wash

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I've always been a fan of luxury hand soaps. Not that there's anything wrong with Softsoap or Dove, but once in awhile a girl's gotta wash up with something a bit more fabulous! So I'm introducing a new series with some of my very favorite hand soaps -- check out Thymes Bergamot Vert Hand Wash.

A citrusy hand soap that lathers, foams and makes my skin feel super clean? What a win. This hand soap does it all and more, thanks to a combination of Vitamins C and E and Panthenol. It moisturizes, it smooths, it nourishes ... hands are left feeling so amazingly soft, especially when combined with hand lotion.

Oh, and since it's formulated with lemon peel and honey? It smells fantastic, too!

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available.

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  1. Im excited to try this product. Every once in a while in a pretty girl's life, we all want something that's luxurious and this product is definitely for me. Also, I see to it that once a year I try something luxurious, like last year, I went to this spa that really pampered me from head to toe and made me feel like a queen. This time, im excited to but this product