Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio

Tocca, Tocca perfume, Tocca Eau de Parfum, Colette, Giulietta, Bianca, perfume, fragrance, Toca fragrance, Tocca Eau de Parfum ViaggioAfter the makeup is applied, the last step for me is always a special scent to complete the preparations for a night out. Tocca got it right with its Eau de Parfum Viaggio -- a gorgeous collection of miniature fragrances.

Three perfumes, Colette, Giuletta and Bianca, appear in elegant Old World bottles when you lift the top off the box. As soon as I opened the Bianca bottle, I thought: This is the rose essence that my mom used to wear! Giulietta had the same effect with its lily of the valley scent. Don't forget the spicy jasmine Colette fragrance.

There's nothing old fashioned about this enticing collection! I love each one. Indulge your inner beauty with this set!

Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio retails for $45 at

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