Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Bumble and bumble The Mending Affair

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I know that I use a lot of excuses to explain the look of my hair:

Bad hair cut -- yes.
Hair dyed from a store-bought bottle -- yes.
Too much blow drying -- yes.

My excuses don't work anymore.

Bumble and bumble's The Mending Affair performed a magic act. For the first time, my hair is SOFT and full of BODY and SHINE!

Even the outdoor elements can't affect the striking results. Despite the rainy, windy weather, my hair looks ready for holiday partying. The process is simple. Start with the Mending Shampoo. You can use it sparingly, because a small amount produces a quick lather. Try the Mending Masque next. After ten minutes, apply the Mending Conditioner. Prepare to be stunned by the quality of your hair. Glorious!

Note: This product is no longer available.

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