Friday, May 18, 2012

Chanel Orange and Peach Nail Polish Comparison Swatches!

When I was doing my nails with Chanel Distraction last week, I couldn't help but notice its proximity to two other Chanel nail polish colors, Miami Peach and Orange Fizz. I decided to do a little comparison swatching, and lo and behold, they're actually all pretty different!

On the index finger: Chanel Orange Fizz. Not surprisingly, it's very orange! Seen here with 3 coats, as the cream formula is actually a bit streaky and sheer.
On the middle finger: Chanel Distraction. This color is a combination of apricot, orange and peach. It does have a very faint hint of shimmer, but it's visible more in the bottle than on the nail.
On the ring finger: Chanel Miami Peach. This is the sheerest and sparkliest of the three. Three coats still let the nail peek through. The color is definitely more peach than orange or apricot.

Are there other nail polish comparisons you'd like to see me do? Let me know in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. Miami peach is my long lost favourite! Glad to see distraction is comparable, will definitely purchase to try soon!