Friday, June 22, 2012

Sponsored Post: Frigidaire Do Over Moment

We all have a moment we wish we could do over. Even though I try to live my life without regret -- and I normally succeed -- I have to admit there have been times I wished things may have gone differently. Luckily, my do-over moment isn't something that profoundly impacted the course of my life in a negative way. If anything, it made quite the positive difference! Nonetheless, it must be shared.

When I was looking at colleges (it seems like such a long, LONG time ago), my brain was swimming with the rules and regulations for housing applications at each one. Do I apply for housing after I've been admitted but before I accept? After I accept? At the same time I apply? Every school was different. My first choice school, Indiana University (go Hoosiers!), ended up being where I went -- but housing did not go exactly according to plan.

You see, I failed to read the fine print in the housing booklet carefully, which stated that I could apply for housing the moment I'd been accepted, even if I hadn't sent in my decision. Since IU operated on a rolling admissions basis, I was actually accepted in October of my senior year -- but didn't apply for housing until I actually sent in my deposit, which was in April.

What did that mean, you may ask? Oh, only that my first choice housing (not to mention second and third) were all gone months before I even got around to sending it in. I ended up in a dorm all the way at the edge of campus that was comprised all of single dorm rooms -- which I didn't want, as I wanted the stereotypical college experience of having a roommate. (Now I really ask myself why, since I love living alone.) It was also a dorm primarily for upperclassmen and foreign exchange students, none of whom were happy to have a bunch of freshmen infiltrating their previously (fairly) quiet hallways. The dorm was so far away from my classes that I needed to buy a bus pass to get to class on time all year!

I pick this as my do over moment because, if I could go back in time, I would definitely send in my housing request the moment I was accepted to IU. But, at the same time, I'm glad I was put in that dorm, because it taught me to always read the fine print! And, when I became a tour guide two years later, I made sure to tell each and every prospective student (and the parents, in case the kids weren't listening) that they needed to apply for housing early to guarantee a spot in their preferred dorm. Valuable lesson learned!

With my brother during my sophomore year at IU. (Both of us had pretty interesting hairstyles back then, which might be another do over! The photo at the top is of the Sample Gates at Indiana University.)

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