Friday, July 6, 2012

The New Black Runway Color Barometer Nail Polish Set Swatches

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Just Shocking is a gorgeous, glossy candy apple red. This is definitely my favorite of the bunch -- which is shocking, considering I normally don't gravitate toward red nail polish! But this one applied like a dream and makes me think of a hot little sports car.

Gypsy Rose is a pretty coral pink with gold shimmer. I don't really see rose in this one, it actually looks a lot more orange on the nail. I had slight application issues with the formula but I do think it's a good summer pedicure color.

Orange Crush is, as you might guess, a bright orange! There's a touch of white shimmer sweeping through this one, but it's pretty hard to see unless you're in direct sunlight. I like this one, but it's not perfect with my skin tone.

Electrical Banana is a crazy bright yellow with a very slight hint of shimmer. It applied well, and although I don't love it against my pale skin, I think it would be fun for a beach vacation pedicure. The yellow reminds me of the McDonald's arches, which, truth be told, just makes me want fries.

Mint Tea Shimmer seems to be named incorrectly. I picture a color with that name to be a pale mint green, which this is not -- it errs more on the side of hunter or forest. The shimmery metallic finish made this the most difficult to apply of the entire set, and while I like the color, I don't love the way it looks once it dries.

Midnight Blue is a gorgeous navy creme. After Just Shocking, I think it's the prettiest and most stunning color of the collection. It applied easily, which I can't say about many dark blues, and just looks so chic on short, rounded nails. I have a feeling I'll be rocking this one a lot once fall rolls around.

Heliotrope is a lavender/lilac hybrid with tons of silver shimmer. I really like this one -- it applied fairly easily and is a great day-to-night shade. It also works no matter what the temperature, and it would look equally pretty on tips or toes.

Horchata Cream is a basic putty creme. It makes me think of the heart-shaped designs baristas create in fancy cups of coffee. I like the color, and I think it's great when you're looking for a clean, simple nude.

The New Black Runway Color Barometer 8-Piece Nail Polish Set retails for $32 at

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