Thursday, July 5, 2012

Salon and Spa Directory: Face Place Facial Treatment

Face Place, Face Place NYC, Face Place Facial Treatment, Face Place facial, facial, skin, skincare, skin care, spa, salon and spa directory, spa treatment, spa facialA few weeks ago, I had the immense pleasure of visiting Face Place in NYC's Meatpacking District to experience their famed Facial Treatment. This facial goes so above and beyond the normal expected facial that it actually took me this time to really process just how fantastic it really was. I have honestly never experienced anything quite like it!

For starters, the treatment is about two hours long. My normal facials are at most 75 minutes, which is already a pretty luxurious amount of time to be on the table. But two hours? Color me happy and relaxed, especially since it involved me lying on a table with my feet and legs propped up (so the blood could rush to my head and give me a better glow, according to Tom, my amazing esthetician).

But then there's the treatment itself. Mask after mask is applied to the face, with strips of muslin, flannel and cotton soaked in various solutions (like a combination of zinc and Vitamin C, which calm the facial tissues and stimulate collagen production). After each session of strips were applied, various masks were placed on top -- which, I have to admit, look like a cross between hockey masks and the mask from Silence of the Lambs! Luckily, they don't feel tight or constricting and don't make you feel claustrophobic. The second mask actually ties around the face and runs a galvanic current, which helps the product to really penetrate the skin and make you glow.

Add to that one of the least painful sessions of extractions I've ever experienced -- seriously, Tom has magic hands -- and my skin was GLOWING at the end. Really, GLOWING. I have to type in all caps! I also appreciated that Tom recommended products for my skin that would actually work and weren't too expensive -- and, since they don't actually sell product at Face Place, he was really working on recommending ones that my skin would respond to the best. (For the record, he recommended a cleanser by CeraVe that is absolutely amazing.)

If you're in NYC, I highly recommend making an appointment at Face Place to experience this one of a kind treatment. Especially since you can get a manicure or pedicure at the same time by the fabulous Erica Marton! (The dope watermelon mani I got was during this treatment!)

The Facial Treatment at Face Place is $140. For more information and to book an appointment, visit

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