Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cross My Heart: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Speed Dating

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Immediately, my mood lifted. These nail polish strips just make manicures so easy. I love the array of sizes offered, from tiny to huge, so they're perfect for any nail shape. And this glittery, oversized heart design in particular is just so fun and flirty that even though it's nowhere close to Valentine's Day, I couldn't help myself.

And here's the best part. I applied them on a plane in under 10 minutes, while we were taxiing down the runway. No mess, no cleanup, and no topcoat required (although I did paint them with Seche Vite once reaching my destination, which gets rid of the jagged feeling at the edges).

In conclusion? I HEART this manicure!

This particular design was a limited edition for Valentine's Day, but many other designs are available for $9 each at

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  1. This is too cute:) Nail strips are amazing fro a quick and easy manicure. I love that they can be done anywhere!

    TIP: when they start to get chipped use them as a base for an intense glitter manicure, the glitter removes like a dream when you peel off the strips:)