Friday, August 17, 2012

OOTD: Working Up a Sweat!

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I'm going to admit something that's been pretty tough for me to deal with. I've gained about 25 pounds in the past four years. Life has had its ups and downs -- being fired from a job, dealing with a less than stellar roommate situation, moving to a new apartment. And even though the past two years have been nothing but rosy, the weight has still slowly crept on. Chalk it up to too many nights ordering unhealthy dinners, too many days spent NOT working out, just too much indulging overall. Truth be told, I can't fit into a lot of my amazing clothes anymore -- they're too tight in the bust, too tight in the stomach, just too darn tight. So I'm making a change, committing to eating better and working out more. Hence my latest OOTD!

Is this the most fashionable look ever? No. Do I go to the gym all dolled up, wearing makeup and super cute clothes? Not a chance. But does it show you that I'm ready to work up a sweat and really try to change my body for the better? Yes. And I think that sometimes, that's what's really fashionable about a person -- seeing them deal with their flaws and try to make things better. Here's what I wore to work out at my gym, the amazing Sports Club LA, this past week.

VERY old T-shirt -- one of my favorites from high school as a matter of fact! The back has a picture of the characters from Green Eggs and Ham.
Lululemon Turbo Run Short, $54 at
Stretchy white headband -- I have no idea where it came from! I found it in my jewelry armoire.
Nike NIKEiD Custom Nike Air Pegasus+ 28 ID Running Shoes, around $100 at

Have you been inspired to start working out, eating better or making other significant life changes lately? Let me know your stories in the comments.


  1. I LOVE this outfit-- and what it symbolizes. . I dress very similarly for workouts. I'm still trying to lose my baby weight ( and my youngest is 3 now... eek).

  2. Girl, the hardest part is getting there! Kudos to owning up and getting work done! :)

  3. I have been pretty stressed out due to my job and finance situation lately, and it is starting to show around my midsection. Time to step up the workouts- which as an added bonus helps with the stress!

  4. Stephiks@comcast.netAugust 17, 2012 at 6:32 AM

    You will see your body change dramatically as you work out.
    I work out 5 days a week is the greatest stress reducer. Lift weights, spin, dance and cardio has changed my body...and I look better than ever...and I am 61!

  5. I was with you...over the years, the weight just kept coming...slowly..but coming...I have recently lost 30 lbs. and 18 inches over all...I didn't exercise...which I know I need to do..but I'm feeling great...still have about 10 lbs. to go--but would like to shift it into muscle....I tried eating like abird...didn't lose...I think I gained...I have found something now that really works..if you want more info..go to and take on the Challenge!!! God Bless your endeveres! signed; Erin Lovett

  6. Go girl! I am on the path too!

    What's working for me?
    Herbalife shakes & gluten/sugar free
    - sounds impossible but frankly, I was ready and it has been easy

    MyFitnessPal - free app on phone


  7. I'm with you! Just got back from the gym, tired but feeling good about doing it.

  8. I just started working out again after having gained weight too. I'm currently doing one of Jillian Michaels' DVDs and am having fun with it. :) Good luck to everyone!