Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Most Indulgent "Thymes" Table: Thymes Body Washes

Recently, I decided to fill my shower with body washes from Thymes. I've long been a fan of the divine scents and beautiful packaging, so I was beyond thrilled to include three of the line's body washes in my arsenal. (The Red Cherie candle is still one of my all-time favorites.) Here's how they stacked up.

Wild Angelica Shower Gel
One of the body washes from the Garden Alchemy collection. From the start, I loved this body wash for the packaging. For me, it calls to mind a painting of the Virgin Mary -- which, even though I'm Jewish, I still find beautiful. Notes of green ivy, red magnolia blossoms, wild angelica, verdant galbanum and dusky violet petals give this one a sensuous feel. I love to use it at the end of a long day, as it calms and relaxes the senses.
$18 at thymes.com

Agave Nectar Body Wash
I'm becoming more and more entranced by agave, both for my skin and in the foods that I eat. The citrusy scent of this body wash is crisp and delicious, plus it works to soften and soothe skin -- perfect after a long, hot day in the sun.
$19 at thymes.com

Lemon Geranium Shower Gel
Another one from the Garden Alchemy collection -- and my personal favorite of the three seen here. I wasn't sure I'd like the scent, since geraniums aren't really my favorite flower. But color me surprised, because thanks to the inclusion of dewy muguet, honeysuckle, green armoise, Tonka bean and earthen tree moss, it's seductive, sexy -- overwhelming in the best possible way.
$18 at thymes.com

And, with all of the bottles, I love that they are adorned with a satin ribbon, which really makes them stand out from the crowd of soaps and shower gels I've tried before. It's just such a pretty, delicate touch that really makes each bottle feel special. I did find that more is better when pouring onto a pouf -- you do need a significant amount to produce enough lather for the entire body. (Think a palm-sized dollop.) This will cause the body washes to be used faster, of course, but at least then you'll smell utterly gorgeous from head to toe.

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