Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mani of the Week: butter LONDON Two Fingered Salute

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As I write this, I'm tingling all over with excitement. In just a few minutes, I'm leaving to see the one and only MADONNA, live and in concert in Boston! I'm so excited to see her, and I decided I needed a fun nail polish color to celebrate the occasion. Enter butter LONDON Two Fingered Salute, one of the colors from the new Fall 2012 collection.

I'm loving this color -- it's a greyish green base with tons of copper shimmer. The shimmer looks more burnished in the bottle than on the nail, where it spreads pretty evenly. The end result is almost like metal with a rusted, antiqued patina! (Side note: Thank you SO MUCH to my friend Kai for reminding me of the word patina. I was trying to think of it for three days.)

All right, I'm off to see the Material Girl herself. I guess all I can do is sign off with this ... Express Yourself!


  1. is it similar to rbl halycon

  2. So jealous! Tickets are sold out here, but I'm bound and determined to get a couple for my birthday celebration in October. Rock on, Madge!