Friday, December 7, 2012

A Drop in the Bucket: Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops

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I'm usually not a fan of quick dry drops. I feel like if I'm going to take the time to do my nails, I'll just wait for them to dry. But then Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops came into my life, and I had to rethink my position.

For starters, they don't make my hands as greasy as most others I've tried. It's really easy to wipe off the excess from my fingers, where with other drying drops, it seems like they're there to stay. The scent is faintly medicinal and nail salon-esque, but to be honest, I don't mind it.

I also like that these drops dried my polish in less than five minutes -- we're talking rummage in your purse, wear gloves kind of dry! And with no bubbles to show for it, either!

Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops retail for $14 ($11.20 if you're a Maven!) at

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