Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Top 7 Reasons to Love Birchbox

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Birchbox is quickly becoming all the rage in the beauty world. And for good reason -- it's pretty darn amazing! Here are my top 7 reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon and fall in love with it, too.

1) It's only $10 a month. Yes, you read that right. TEN DOLLARS A MONTH. That's seriously so inexpensive, it's like they're giving the box away! For only $120 a year, you get to experience so many fabulous beauty products.

2) The boxes have a great mix of well-known brands and up-and-comers. I like that Birchbox toes the line between brands everyone knows and loves (like Stila, Kiehl's and Deborah Lippmann) and some that even well-versed beauty junkies have yet to learn about (like One Love Organics and Jane Tran).

3) The packaging every month is super luxe. Especially considering how inexpensive the box is, one might think the products would just be thrown in a box and sent off without any real thought to how they look. Not so! Every month, the products are arranged delicately and lovingly into a small signature brown box and wrapped in tissue paper, so you always feel like you're getting a present.

4) The boxes are customized to your specific taste preferences. You fill out a series of questions so that the masterminds of Birchbox can really pick the products that will suit your needs. They make a lot of different boxes every month based on people's style preferences, so you won't feel like you're just one of a herd. It's nice to know that the products you're receiving are really meant for YOU.

5) The sample sizes are ample. Again, for the price, I would expect that the samples received would be pretty tiny. Not so! Expect everything from full-sized nail polish bottles to tubs of body lotion. And, while some of the samples are on the smaller side (recent examples are packets of hair masks by Kerastase and Miss Jessie), Birchbox includes multiple packets so you get more than one trial.

6) The website offers tons of full-sized beauty products for purchase. Whether you loved the sample you received and now want the full size, or you just really want that bottle of Zoya nail polish, the website is chock full of products you can purchase for months following the release of them in your Birchbox.

7) You can earn points toward future product purchases! And speaking of those products ... you can actually get them for FREE, since your points go toward the full-sized purchases. You earn points by referrals (50 points for every friend who signs up), and for reviewing the products you receive every month (10 points for every review). Every 100 points converts to $10, and they're good for a year.

So, are you intrigued? If so, head over to Birchbox now and sign up for your very own monthly box!


  1. I was subscribed to it for 2 years and finally unsubscribed. The content became noticeably worse and they don't tend to read my preferences or comments, so I've often received products I didn't like :((

  2. I've yet to get a full sized sample, and to me, there are some silly things that they consider a sample, like a plastic wristband. I like the cologne samples but the rest isn't really "me".